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SINGAPORE: amended cybersecurity law introduces new criminal offences

April 25, 2017 Carolyn Bigg 0

Singapore has recently passed amendments to the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act introducing new criminal sanctions for serious data protection and cybersecurity breaches. This development reflects similar moves by data protection authorities elsewhere in Asia to impose criminal sanctions for the worst data protection offences, and as such indicates Singapore’s resolve to step up data …

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MALAYSIA: proposed whitelist for overseas data transfers

April 25, 2017 Carolyn Bigg 0

Malaysia has issued a public consultation paper Personal Data Protection (Transfer Of Personal Data To Places Outside Malaysia) Order 2017, including a draft initial “whitelist” of jurisdictions deemed adequate for overseas data transfers. The consultation closes on 4 May 2017. The draft whitelist, if passed, will be the first of its kind in the region, and …

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Gawpers go home: how luxury flat-owners could shut down the Tate’s viewing platform

April 24, 2017 Oliver Wainwright 0

They were sold on their proximity to Tate Modern. Now the residents of luxury flats are taking the gallery to court, arguing its viewing platform invades their privacy. It’s part of a wider hijacking of cultural hotspots by property developers

Good walls make good neighbours – but not, it seems, when they are made entirely of glass. Five residents of the multi-million-pound Neo Bankside towers, which loom behind Tate Modern like a crystalline bar chart of inflated land values, have issued a legal writ to the museum to have part of its viewing platform shut down. They claim that its 10th-floor public terrace has put their homes into a state of “near constant surveillance”.

Climb to the summit of the Tate’s new twisted brick ziggurat and you are rewarded with majestic views of London’s skyline, where St Paul’s dome now competes for attention with the portly stump of the Walkie-Talkie, the swollen shaft of One Blackfriars and a host of other novelty forms in the capital’s own drunken sculpture garden. But most visitors are to be found huddled around the other side of the terrace, gawping at a spectacle of another kind: the pristine still lives of rich people’s homes.

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Wired: Ad-Blocking Just Might Save The Ad Industry

April 24, 2017 Wired 0

By Klint Finley for WIRED.

The Coalition for Better Ads, a consortium of ad, publishing, and tech companies, wants to save the advertising industry …
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Protecting the treasure trove

April 21, 2017 gailferreirasophos 0

Ransomware has been on the computer security radar for some time now but are you aware that it’s increasingly targeting servers? Servers are the treasure trove of an organization’s data and the applications that access it. As senior vice president and general manager of Sophos’ Enduser and Network Security Groups Dan Schiappa explains, “Servers are […]

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Parents urged not to give details of children’s nationality and birthplace

April 17, 2017 Richard Adams in Cardiff 0

Teachers’ union passes motion at annual conference challenging government’s use of data collected by state schools in England

Parents are being told not to supply information on their children’s nationality and birthplace being demanded by the government, amid fears that the information could be used to enforce immigration laws.

The National Union of Teachers’ annual conference passed a motion condemning the Department for Education’s attempts to record pupils’ nationality and country of birth in the national pupil database (NPD), with delegates told that the details could be passed to the Home Office and police.

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ICYMI: New features for Sophos UTM on AWS

April 17, 2017 Bryan Nairn 0

Over the past few months we’ve added new features and functionality to Sophos UTM on AWS. Changes occur more frequently in the cloud, so we wanted to provide you a summary of everything that has happened in case you missed it. These enhancements allow you to run Sophos UTM in additional AWS Regions, take advantage […]

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Robert W. Taylor, Who Helped Create the Internet, Dies at 85

April 17, 2017 Wang Wei 0

Image by New York Times

The Internet just lost one of its most prominent innovators.

Robert W Taylor, a computer scientist who was instrumental in creating the Internet as well as the modern personal computer, has died at the age of 85.

Mr. Taylor, who is best known as the mastermind of ARPAnet (precursor of the Internet), had Parkinson’s disease and died on Thursday at his home in Woodside